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Advice to Cheer Parents As parents, we all want the very best for our children, and maybe sometimes that is a weakness. As parents of athletes, it is just that weakness that makes us do some very radical things at times.
Date: 26.03.2013
Coaches – Getting to Know your Team Many new coaches base the success of their season solely on how many trophies they accumulate. Coaches who have been around for longer will tell you that there are other aspects of coaching -- especially building strong relationships with your squad membe
Date: 21.03.2013
Strength and Conditioning Getting Physically Fit
Date: 18.03.2013
Dance Team – How to Perfect a Routine One of the most important steps in choreography is perfecting your routine. You can have the most dynamic choreography, but if your routine is not polished, your routine can easily end up looking like a disaster!
Date: 15.03.2013
Dance Dictionary The words “twirl” and “jump” are just the beginning to the terminology you will need to know in dance. This A-Z Dance dictionary will have you speaking “dance” in no time!
Date: 12.03.2013
How to do a basket toss? How to: 1. Bases grab each other's wrists. Left base takes her left hand and grabs her right hand at the wrist, and the right base does the same. The left base grabs the right base's arm with her right hand, and the right base does the same.
Date: 07.03.2013
Doing Cheerleading Motions Correctly Doing Cheerleading Motions Correctly Improve Your Cheerleading Motions
Date: 04.03.2013
Cost Saving Tips for Cheerleading So, what can you or your squad do to ease the burden of having less money and continue to keep on cheering? Hopefully, these cost-saving cheer tips will help you get on your way to saving money and making it through these hard times while still being able
Date: 25.02.2013
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