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XVII Polish Cheerleading Championships 15-16.03.2014
XVII Polish Cheerleading Championships 15-16.03.2014
Presentation of Polish Cheerleading Association


The development of cheerleading in Poland started in 1988 when thanks to Ruta and Edward Krajewscy the first cheerleading team was founded in Warsaw. The main purpose was forming a team which would represent Poland in World Cheerleading Championships in Japan. Thanks to the help of former president of IFC, Mr. and Mrs. Krajewscy got all the information they needed about cheerleading to form a team in Poland. Many other teams have been formed since that moment.

In 1997 Mr. Edward Krajewski started a Cheerleading Section under Polish Basketball Federation. Thanks to the section work, first rules were created and theI. Polish Cheerleading Championships were held in Warsaw. About 30 teams took part in that competition (in 3 age categories).

In the following years, the number of cheerleading teams was still growing, which encouraged us to create a national organization which would associate dancers, coaches and judges in 2001. That’s how Polish Cheerleading Association was founded. Creators and first Board members were : Edward and Ruta Krajewscy, Mikołaj Korzun, Jerzy Wojtkowiak and Maria Kapczyńska. Thanks to their experience carried out from social dance and other sports, the official tournament and judge regulations were published, judge courses and coach workshops have been organized. New teams were formed and those who had already existed were getting more and more experience at workshops and competitions.


In 2004 PCA Board started cooperation with European Cheerleading Association. The purpose was to become a member of ECA and be able to take part in European Cheerleading Championships. In January 2005 Poland became a member and in July 2 teams took part in  ECC in Moscow.

ECA membership helped us to do more revolution changes. We took part in workshops and conferences with ECA and after 2 years our Rules and Regulations has been changed to fit ECA standards. All that was started by new Board that has been chosen in 2005 – president Bartosz Penkala and our representative Ann Polatowska. Both of them made a new project that contained workshops for coaches and judges with people from different countries – Finland, Slovenia, UK and USA.

Currently PCA is an official organization responsible for cheerleading development in Poland, member of ECA from 2005, member of IFC from 2007 and member of ICU since 2009. We send our dance representation to ECC and Worlds every year. Every year we organize about 6-8 competition in our country . The competition are held in 3 age categories (pee wee, junior and senior) and 3 divisions (cheer dance - teams and doubles, pom dance - teams and doubles, cheer - team all-girl, team mixed, group stunt all-girl, group stunt mixed)

Thanks to all changes in the rules and judging system PCA has a good and qualified judges which representative participated in ECC , Worlds and other countries nationals judge panel.

Currently, Polish Cheerleading Association has about 1300 members and it's having XVII National Cheerleading Championships this year.


From authorization of PCA President

inż. Bartosza Penkali 

Polish Representative

Anna Polatowska-Zegar