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In Cakovec was held the 5th State Championship wherea record number of competitors and teams performed. The competition was opened for the first time so on competition also participated teams from Italy and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Presentation of Cheerleading and Cheerdance Association of Croatia

The Cheerleading and Cheerdance Association of Croatia was founded in 2005 in the base of the club Cheerleaders Livi that is nowdays the biggest cheerleading club in Croatia. In this period the School League project was also in the phase of development. A part of this project are also cheerleading and cheer dance competitions. The Ministry of Education and Sports cooperated to realize this project and coordinated several seminars with coaches from the United States of America.


At the moment there is about 500 cheerleaders in eight different cheerleading clubs that are part of CCA.The numbers of clubs and cheerleaders has been growing every month and the success in the European Championships last year was excellent.The beginning were difficult since we were short handed with staff that could train the children, however, with help of educational seminars led by internacional experts, the coaches and participants acquired the necessary knowledge. The Association is very active and has organized 5 National Championships so far, several seminars and has published a DVD with the basics of cheerleading and cheer dance. CCA organizes several camps for cheerleaders in different age groups and levels of experience every year.


There are also different kind of trainings and seminars for cheerleaders, coaches and judges were hundreds of participant improve their skills.In 2007 CCA started cooperation with ECA.The purpose was to become a member and took part in Europe Championships. 2008. CCA become a member of ECA and 2010 CCA become member of IFC. 2008th The Croatian teams had first competed at the European Cheerleading Championship in Ljubljana. However, the teams regularly compete in other international competitions around Europe (Italy, Slovenia, England, Ireland, Austria, Germany,Scotland) where they achieve good results.

The President of the Association is Siniša Stričak and General Secretary is Mateja Gajnik.