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EUROROMA 2012 Italy Cheerleading in Italy is in full swing! In months before the ECC 2013, various cheerleading and dance competitions will take place all across Italy, starting already in a few weeks!
From date: 15.11.2012 To date: 18.11.2012
European Cheerleading Championship 2012 This years ECC will be held in Italy
From date: 30.06.2012 To date: 01.07.2012
Annual General Meeting 2012 The AGM of our Association is fast approacing. All the national representatives will meet this weekend, 4th of February in Riccione, Italy, where will be also held this years European Championships.
From date: 03.02.2012 To date: 04.02.2012
European Cheerleading Championship 2011 The Slovenian Cheerleading and Pom-pon Association has the honour of organizing the ECC 2011 in the capital of Slovenia.
From date: 02.07.2011 To date: 03.07.2011
ECA Sunshine Cheer Cup 2011 ECA Sunshine Cheer Cup invites all minis around Europe to compete and make new friends on 2nd of July!
From date: 02.07.2011 To date: 02.07.2011
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