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Palmyra of the North 2013 Russian Cheerleading Federation is very glad to invite you all to participate in Open international competitions "Palmyra of the North 2013"
From date: 06.04.2013 To date: 06.04.2013
Polish Cheerleading Championships Polish Cheerleading Championships 9-10.03.2013 Poland will have XVI National Cheerleading Championships in Leszno!
From date: 09.03.2013 To date: 10.03.2013
Italian National Cheerleading & Dance Championship 2013 The next Italian National Cheerleading & Dance Championship will be on 2 and 3 march 2013 in City of Cervia, Italy (Region Emilia Romagna)
From date: 02.03.2013 To date: 03.03.2013
ECA Annual General Meeting 2013 This year, the ECA AGM will be held in Frankfurt.
From date: 02.02.2013 To date: 02.02.2013
EUROROMA 2012 Italy Cheerleading in Italy is in full swing! In months before the ECC 2013, various cheerleading and dance competitions will take place all across Italy, starting already in a few weeks!
From date: 15.11.2012 To date: 18.11.2012
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