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From date: 19.03.2016 To date: 20.02.2016
Polish National Championships, Łochów Keep your fingers cressed for Polish team competing for top places .
From date: 15.03.2014 To date: 16.03.2014
Northern Palmira 2014, Saint Petersburg Open competition in Russia
From date: 15.03.2014 To date: 16.03.2014
ECC 2013 From 28th to 30th June at Palacongressi in Rimini!
From date: 28.06.2013 To date: 30.06.2013
7th Croatian Cheerleading and Cheerdance Championship Cheerleading and Cheerdance Association of Croatia – CCA and Tornadele Zadar hosts the ADRIATIC DANCE OPEN CROATIA and 7th CROATIAN CHEERLEADING AND CHEERDANCE CHAMPIONSHIP.
From date: 08.06.2013 To date: 08.06.2013
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