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How to become an ECA member?

ECA is open to all recognized national federations controlling Cheerleading at a national level. Only one member from each country may be affiliated, and that member shall be  recognized by ECA as the only national governing body for all amateur Cheerleading in their country. Current members of ECA at the date of the adoption of these statutes are  deemed to be the appropriate organisation in their respective countries.


An association applying for membership shall address a written request to this effect to ECA and fill in any forms required. The first step is on the ECA web page www.ecacheer.org under tab membership and chose membership application.


The second step is to send by email to: info@ecacheer.org


You must also send a declaration in which the applicant states they will: conform at all times to the Statutes, Rules, regulations and decisions of ECA;


1. copy of its own statutes (plus a certified translation in English) and regulations upon request. Those statutes must, without exception, contain a mandatory clause stipulating that they will conform to the ECA stautes, rules and regulations.


2. The applicant association shall submit to ECA a file containing details of its internal organization and the sports infrastructure (facilities for Cheerleading) in its country. It is for the internal use of ECA and otherwise confidential.


3. Any new applicant which applies for full membership has to prove that he has a minimum number of four member clubs in his federation and a minimum of 100 individual members.


4. Any new applicant has to ensure that their internal constitution stipulates that their federation is organized and conducted democratically and without any racial, religious, political or gender discrimination. They must undertake to hold an annual national competition open to all their teams.


5. Once an association has been accepted as a member or a provisional member, it shall be entitled to enter immediately for any of the competitions organized by ECA, provided that the entry deadline has not passed.

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