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European Cheerleading Association History



In 1994 five European countries met in Stuttgart (Germany) and changed the history of cheerleading. The meeting focused on extending cheerleading like other sports across the borders of Europe. Thus the European Cheerleader Association© (ECA) was founded. The basic rules & regulations for the association as well as future European Cheerleading Championships (ECC) were proposed.


An unofficial 'European Cheerleading Competition' organized by 'Orange Fire' – cheerleader of the Stuttgart Bats took place later that day. The first official ECC was held, also in Stuttgart, in July 1995. In fact, the first three ECC's were organized by Mrs Carmen Grunikiewiz and 'Orange Fire' – if it weren not for them, the European Cheerleader Association would not exist today.


The ECA's first president was Ms. Pernilla Eklund (Sweden).


The ECA meets once a year during a weekend in February to discuss important issues and topics. Rules used to change once a year, but since 1999 they are adjusted every four years.



History of ECC & JECC

I. ECC, July 1995, Sindelfingen, Germany
II. ECC, July 1996, Sindelfingen, Germany
III. ECC, June 1997, Stuttgart, Germany
IV. ECC, July 1998, Malmö, Sweden
V. ECC, July 1999, Berlin, Germany
VI. ECC, July 2000, Ljubljana, Slovenia
VII. ECC, July 2002, Helsinki, Finland
VIII. JECC, July 2003, Manchester, England
Manchester Cup, July 2003
IX. ECC & JECC, July 2004, Stockholm, Sweden
Junior Stockholm Cheer Cup, July 2004
X. JECC 2005, July 2005, Moscow, Russia
Moscow Cup, July 2005
XI. ECC & JECC, July 2006, Oslo, Norway
XII. ECC & JECC 2007, June 2007, Fredrikshavn, Denmark
XIV. ECC & JECC 2008, July 2008, Ljubljana, Slovenia
XV. ECC & JECC, July 2009, Nyköping, Sweden

XVI. ECC & JECC, July 2010, Helsinki, Finland

XVII. ECC & JECC, July 2011, Ljubljana, Slovenia

XVIII. ECC & JECC, July 2012, Rimini, Italy

XIX. ECC & JECC, July 2013, Rimini, Italy

XX. ECC, July 2014, Manchester, England

XXI. ECC  & I. Open European Cheerleading Championship, June 2015, Zadar, Croatia


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